Beautiful Blinds

For thousands of years home makers have been relying upon blinds to provide: -

  • Privacy
  • Decoration
  • Control light

Choose from: -

  • Roman
  • London
  • Austrian

Wide Choice of Fabric Available

Choice of a wide range of materials to match your style.

All our blinds are bespoke – so you can be sure that you can have the correct width and depth to create a professional finish.

Not sure what you want?
No problem site visits to measure and see your style are part of the service from Hollywood Interiors.

Roman blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds offer elegance, sophistication and luxury to any room. Ideal for blocking out light.

London Blinds

Are a cross between a Roman and Austrian blind. They are best made in light to medium fabrics. Softer than a Roman blind but not as flamboyant as an Austrian blind.

London Blinds 

Austrian Blinds

Austrian Blinds

More like a curtain than a blind, an Austrian blind is pulled up and down via cords on the back. These will take up more room than a Roman blind and therefore will be a great fit in some situations and will not be appropriate in others. Some would describe these as a more feminine option.